So this is who I am, And this is all I know, And I must choose to live, For all that I can give.

Yesterday was April 1, there were two things that i can’t forget. It was both birthday of my late grandfather(my mom side) and my friend from state. I really admired my Lolo (the named we used to call him) because he was a man of great dignity. Everybody loved him. He was even an idol. His words, disciplined remained until now.

Instead of celebrating my Lolo’s birthday, my Uncle Bob and Aunt Feyma took Gladys and I to Wao, Lanao del Sur. That was my first time to visit those placed. We left almost 5 in the morning in our house, and we pick up Gladys in her boarding house. At around 6:15 AM, we had our breakfast in Mt. Seagull Beach Resort,in Bukidnon. I had a cup of instant coffe, chorizo, fried egg and plain rice, while they others have also the same. Before we reached to Wao, we passed by Quezon and Maramag Province and then turn left going to Wao.

From Maramag, i think it took us 15 kilometers down to Wao. We passed by Kuya, Kili-kili, Pangantukan, Kalilangan, and different Villages and Barangay. At around 10:00 we reached Wao. We just stayed there for atleast 20 minutes and have some photo shoot and then Uncle Bob drove us to Valencia City and had our lunch at Roadhouse Cafe. The best cafe in town. I really like their fried bread. It tasted like Shakoy (filipino term). We also had french fries.

The thing’s that really enjoyed this kind of trip is the scenery that you can see along the way. It’s kind of something that i haven’t seen before. From Maramag going to Wao, you can probably noticed their agricultural land are so rich. I am tempted to buy those kind of land where you can plant a good corn, and stuff. You can raise a different farm animals. We even teasing each other that we will buy a mountain for each of us and Uncle Bob will be the in the middle so that if we don’t have food we will directly asked from him. 🙂

After lunch, we headed home bring all those nice scenery and of course the unpayable experinced we had. We do enjoyed our trip yesterday and i’m looking forward to visit more places here in MINDANAO!


Comments on: "My trip to Wao, Lanao del Sur" (40)

  1. I grew up in Wao, Lanao del Sur but haven’t been there in something like 15 or 16 years. I wonder how it looks like now. Your description and photos of the place are so few. If you have more photos, could you post them? Thanks!

  2. Hi Benelynne,

    Thank you for visiting my site, I appreciate it very much. Well, i’m hoping that I can go back again and I can explore to the other places too so that I can impart to somebody else. If you have time you can visit to one of my Uncle’s site: ,here you can see different photo of different places he’d visited and his co-blogger. Some foreigner also who happened to visit Mindanao share thier precious photoshot in this site.



  3. Hi Glenda,

    I am very much delighted for a nice feature you made to our town, somehow you could visit us ones again to see the changes. You are gladly welcome specially on every February 22 as we celebrate Araw ng Wao where entertainment for tourist and lots of farm productsa being sold.


  4. Hi Oliver,

    thank you so much for dropping by. Wow, how I wish I can comeback there one of these days. But who knows. it’s so good to be away sometimes in the city. I hope we guys could meet.



  5. I remember this trip…that was fun.

    I miss you 😦

  6. Hi Madam Glenda,

    It happened that I browse the name of our place and I am very happy to see your site, I’m from that place and I’m with young, I am a seminarian. God bless po!

  7. Glen D. Ceballos said:

    Hi Glenda,

    I am such a proud Waonian! My grandparents are one of those who first came to Wao (so called Settlers) in the early 1950’s 🙂

    Thank you for visiting our place. I went home last August and the scenery is a little bit different compared as when you were there. April is planting time… while July and August is harvest time.

    There are a number of posted photos in Friends of Wao Friendster site. Enjoy browsing!


  8. Hi Jerry,

    Thank you very much for dropping by. There’s no place like home, as it says. Good Luck on your career, hope you will be the key to Peace in Mindanao.

    Hi Glen,

    As time goes by, the scenery that we used to saw before has been gone. Especially now that more and more infrastracture has been developed.

    Regards, I hope I can go back one of these days.


  9. Hi again Glen,

    You must go back to our hometown and see the difference. presently MILF scare spare the town hence Muslim and christian leaders and elders here wanted peace and development not war. This is the only municipality in Lanao even included IN ARMM and seldom visited by the politicians but trying its best to sustain the economic, political, cultural development of two warring tribes. Politicians visited only the place every elections and bring money for vote buying. The basic needs for infrastructure and technology hardly reach the place with 40% budget cut from the Region or province… However, the civil societies and social organizations were organized as recipients of foreign aides. The present mayor preserved Peace and order. And very active to implement natural environment preservations as to respond the call of the Global warming. The Office of the Municipal environment and natural resources gives seedlings of different varieties of Tree to be planted to vacant and idle lots. Beautification and landscaping of the town barangays are on going. We are also preparing for the Palaro Pangkawani for the camaraderie and bonding of government and private employees. this events will start on october 10, 208 to december 6 , 2008. Lapurisima High School will celebrate its golden anniversary on october 27,2008 so all LPHS alumni are invited to grace the celebration.


  10. dennis cahimtong said:

    hi! good day i am proud to be taga wao my parents meet there so i born to this world……………….good luck

  11. Hi GLENDA,

    Truly heartwarming to read your testimony about your last visit in WAO. It has been two years now since I haven’t gone home. I’ve heard lots of development on going with of course the help of the Local Goverment Unit and the concern citizens in bringing about a whole new spectrum of WAO. Diverse culture makes Wao unique and a place to consider when you want to experience nature. With lush vegetation and fertile lands all covered with different locally grown crops plus the hospitable smiles of the people, will surely make your visit, one of a kind. Being away from my hometown I used to wander, left me a serene feeling of the memories I had. Hope to be there soon. GODBLESS WAO

  12. Hi Oliver- that’s a good news to hear that your municipal officials do really care.

    Hi AJ- Wao truly makes a different. It would be a great source of farm products as what we have seen the fertility and abundance of the soil in the area.

    Hope to go back there someday and see the difference.

  13. Lilet Cervas said:

    Hi Glenda,

    I’m happy to read your article about wao. I haven’t been there since 1999. I’m looking forward to visit wao next year.

    Lilet Cervas

  14. Hi Lilet- Thank you that you enjoyed my little article about your place. I’m also hoping to go back..


  15. Hi GLenDa,

    Where are you located right now? What are the last names of your relatives in WAO? are there any? Well I’m really glad finding this blog site for our HOMETOWN. It’s one way for us to promote the place itself and the many splendor things people can experience when they take time to visit the hidden paradise per se’. I believe ARAW ng WAO is past approaching, it will have it’s launch on 2nd week of FEB, so might as well check on that… It’s really festive and gay all throught out. Very colorful and happy. We call it the “KARIYALA FESTIVAL” a maranao term for MERRY MAKING.! It highlights on how MUSLIMS and CHRISTIAN dwell peacefully and driving towards making WAO a “HUB of WEALTH” in the heart of MINDANAO.

  16. Hi Glen,

    I left Wao since 1983 for school, and eventually, found job here in Tagaytay after schooling. I really make it a point to visit my hometown especially during Christmas Holidays. That’s the only time I could meet my classmates and barkadas.

    I was flattered while reading your comments. You really appreciated the very nature of Wao. Though it sad to note that development in this area is very slow. At least, he he there is a development.

    I agree with the comment of Oliver that politicians came during elections…. to buy votes? Oh that is a sad reality.

    But I still love Wao. Kahit malayo.

    When I left Wao in 1983, the road was still rough. You would take 3 to 4 hours going to Maramag which today could be traveled by 45 minutes. You can only imagine how difficult the condition of the road at that time. It is good that when you visited our place, the road is already concrete.

    Anyway, Glen, I hope you could visit our town once again and share again the good news you experienced there.

    God bless you

  17. HI Nestor,

    Thank you so much for dropping by. Hopefully, i’m wishing I could go back there.


  18. Fe de la Cruz said:

    My dear Lady Traveller,

    I am very much happy to read your message. My husband comes from the place of Kili-Kili, Wao Lanao del Sur, however with the time passes by we got to separate our ways for good. Now I am living in Davao while my husband is still there in WaO.

    Your letter reminds me of my past…thank you so much for bringing your experience to me.

  19. Hi Fe,

    Yeah, I remember we passed Kili-Kili. Sorry to hear that you and your husband has to ended up that way. There’s a lot more to come. Just don’t lost hope for anything.


  20. Hi Nestor, This is a blogsite where wao pips are exchanging recollections about WAO. You might wanna visit it and look for familiar names. The thread is very uplifting for we tend to link bonds from the past up to the present and onward to the future. Actually it’s goin global now. check it out!

  21. Hi WAONIAN,, this is amazing. im not used of browsing here in comp, but the time i start knowing and reading about WAO. it gives me more enterest. every day after i came home from work or if im free i go on wao website, where i can read messages. its been so long time, yes i go and come to wao as my family is still there,Ferrarez family , this coming holy week were coming home celebrating holidays with my family in wao… i recall i have a friend name BUDAY.. is your mom a dress maker…. my warmest regards to all waonian.. mae

  22. Hi Glenda thanks for this Blog where waonians like a swan heard your voice and join the flock soaring high forunity and keep in touch… formy 17 years in wao…i have no regrets in my stay..i found the place most suitable for living,

  23. Hi Glenda thanks for this Blog where waonians like a swan heard your voice and join the flock soaring high for unity and keeping in touch… for my 17 years in wao..I AM FROM Carmen Cotabato…i have no regrets in my stay..i found the place most suitable for living, where both muslim and christians hand in hand preserveD the harmony of Peace and development. The town is a promissing town for development where almost all visitors promise to comeback and enjoy their experience s again..hope more investment will come…for economic growth… and hope you will vitis the town once again especially on Araw ng Wao the culmination of 3 festive activities of the town.

  24. where both muslim and christians hand in hand preserveD the harmony of Peace and development. The town is a promissing town for development where almost all visitors promise to comeback and enjoy their experience s again..hope more investment will come…for economic growth… and hope you will vitis the town once again especially on Araw ng Wao the culmination of 3 festive activities of the town.

  25. HI AJ- thank you for putting the link of MIndanao Blog Site.

  26. HI Mae- that’s cool to celebrate your holy week in Wao, it’s quiet and peaceful you can truly reminisce. My mom is a housekeeper and we live in Sarangani Province.


  27. Hi Cha- thank’s for inviting me. It so good to hear that people in a certain community even differ in culture but unite to give way on peace. I also spent my childhood days in Cotabato, particularly in Manubuan. About 7 years ago, my father and my brother revisited our place again. In my greatest expectation everything seems didn’t improve instead it turn to worst.

  28. Hello Waonians?! Im from manila and it’s my first time to visit Wao last May14-15 2007 to attend the burial of the mother of my friend whom i meet here in manila. I was surprised because it’s also an election day. The vote buying is very obvious and for a single registered voter he/she can collect almost 5,000 pesos. Unlike here in manila we have to pay for our transport going to the precinct. I cant believe it! also the municipality really needs improvement. I heard that there’s Mindanao Stae University – High School there. Well, goodluck to Wao. I hope i can see more improvements in my next visit soon…

  29. Hi Paul,

    I’m from Wao. I’m glad you came to our place and if you’re from Manila I’m pretty sure alam mo ang nature of politics in this country. In my opinion politicians are taking advantage of the people of Wao. Well, regarding to the improvement you mentioned. I think wala nang budget na dumating sa municipality nang Wao kasi na ubos na pambayad sa dinner nang ating presidente sa New York get it. Anyway, thank for visiting Wao. Come again.

  30. Waonians,

    Peace is the genuine legacy we have for our next generation.

    as a team of the Philippine Army moved out from the town last week with their armored personnel carrier or simba and 105 mm canon which shaken the town hilly grounds previously, my heart pondered. for this is the manifestation of Peace. before the ramadhan almost weekly had been chaos like a muslim killed or a christian had been strafed. that was the time mayhor nono balicao called for a peace dialogue. I just praying to the Almighty God and Allah that that this situation will be forever for us waonians to think development and progress. and that investors may come in like Gaisano , SM, and other chinese or taiwanese businessmen. Hoping that the Local government may concentrate to develop the airport which the late mayor Eleazar started on 70’s. it Is a pride of the waonians to have an airport in the heart of mindanao. We already openned the public swimming pool at diomil village September 18,2009. and more infrastucture project may come in soon.. National election seems so near that we can smell its fragrance. Ms. Alma Moreno the showbiz star is now living in town giving medical missions to all the barangays and stablished her Botika ni alma. Provinicial leaders keep visiting here for the same purpose. Hope we cam shout here in this Glenda’s blog. Huwag na tayo Paluko.. Ang kwarta nga ila ibakal ka aton boto ila bawion kon sila na magdaog…DONT VOTE FOR VOTE BUYERS.. ini sila may mga ill motive nga pangkaugalingon… please pass it on

    nono Oliver

  31. i agree with my townmates opinion about politicians going to wao,and its true what they forgot is to give Wao their share of developments that is due to them I tell you that every election on provincial level he will win.What we only ask is for our town to grow and develope as a first class municipality or even it very illusive for us sons and daughters of WAO to behold.Sana kong saan ang taga Wao liligaya suportahan nyo .

    • i love that place. i was assigned as the Chief of Police of Wao Police Station in 1998. I was still then a young pnp inspector. Then Maj Dimapundug, the CO of Mobile group fetched me in Parang, Maguindanao on order of the PNP Regional Director, Gen Franco Magno Calida. The place is very nice. people are friendly. Dami na rin namatay sa mga kasamahan kong pulis diyan. My deputy, spo4 romeo bermejo faced our creator a few years ago. Same as also with kuya duplito. Now i am holding a sensitive position in pnp region 3 but the memories of my early career in Wao still fresh in my mind. Dati napakalamig diyan. almost ten years na rin akong di nakakavisit sa wao.

  32. My parents had live in that place and they were teachers since they came, all I could remember is we will ride a six by six hauler sometimes we walk for hours, I was only 2 years old when we came to that place. My parents still have no place to stay when we arrive. My mother has to teach under our house because there are no school yet to used at that time. My father still had to make 2 summers to finish his course until he could also teach. When they will collect their earnings they will have to walk or ride a cart that is being pulled up by a carabao going to maramag, it will took them 2 days before they could reach that place. In going back they were all happy because they have with them our suppose to be biand for months to use. All these hardship I could emagine how we survived that place. Compared today that we could ride on an aircondition service or bus that could take for few hours. MY parents are not here anymore they were long gone, but I am thanking them for their hardships in making us to what we are now. And Im thanking God that there is a place like WAO

  33. demuel varona said:

    Yes,indeed it was very challenges to live during the early days of NARRA. The infrastructures were not developed at that time, inspite of the facts that said project was finance and managed by the national government. Products like corn and palay which were the main crops of Wao farmers was transported from farmlands to the town by hauling thru the used of animals. The prices of the two main products were manipuleted by local businessman. The poor WAo farmers have no other opstioned or any alternative measures to counter where he can sell a good price for his products. After four decades away from Wao, I found myself walking in the cemented roads of that place, but sad to say I’m total stranger in my own place… demy

  34. good day,mam glen” can i ask you a favor if you can help me by sending to me the name and email address of one of your writer that sent you a letter dated may 13,2010 initialed “fmd” that followed my mail and Maj.Dimapundog.Im sure that hes from Iloilo City where i am now.Im sure he is the son of a teacher that i know before in Wao,Mr.Faustino M. Domini.i hope im not mistaken.My home address is #3 Zamora St.Iloilo City tel.5080154.Its been a long time i had been looking for some of my townmates before.Thank tou so much and more power.Good luck

  35. Deolinda said:

    Thank you for this website.
    One good thing recently for Wao is the sealed road from Bukidnon via Kalilangan. They have “tabo” every Wednesday which I love because I get to buy the seafoods that I miss so much. It would be better too if we have sealed roads to Cotabato via Kadingilan or Bukidnon through Don Carlos. Wow! Farmers will have more choices where they will sell their produce. Farmers need to diversify their crops too- wonder whether we can have local nurseries for timber, paper( palkata) pine trees, rubber trees, etc. Trade school would be good too.
    Can I have Joel Banza’s email address please? He’s one of my high school classmates. Whatever happened to your mathematical whiz of a cousin?

  36. i will not go back to wao any mopre ,, unless mameet ko c asniah ,,,,

  37. marie claire beleran said:

    thank you for posting our hometown.may God bless you

  38. I would like to know if there is indeed an airport in Wao. If so what size and how heavy an aircraft can it accommodate for landing and take-off? Light aircraft? commercial turboprops like 20-seater or so? How long is the runway? How is it paved? Concrete? Macadam or basically an airfield only?

  39. said:

    I want to point out my admiration for your generosity in support of people that must have assistance with this important subject matter. Your real dedication to passing the message across turned out to be certainly invaluable and have truly empowered women much like me to attain their pursuits. Your entire warm and helpful useful information implies a lot to me and even further to my fellow workers. Thank you; from all of us.

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