So this is who I am, And this is all I know, And I must choose to live, For all that I can give.

Literally speaking, I won’t bother to  shed my thoughts with regards to this matter. First, I’m single I don’t worry my financial status for now for I don’t have a responsibility aside from myself.

Over the months or so, I always heard in the television news, read in the online news the propose of RH Bill (Principal Sponsor of the said bill is Meriam Defensor-Santiago). I’m into it. As you can see, the population in the Philippines is rapidly growing. People doesn’t have control in making/producing babies. And the entire world are suffering from economic crisis.

This morning, I read the article from that one senator (Vicente Sotto 111) opposed the RH Bill, one of his reason was that this reproductive health bill:

“affiliated with an international organization advocating for abortion and whose founder was a known champion of “eugenics.”

I read from Wikipedia the life of Margaret Sanger (the founder of American Birth Control League). I fully understand too, why she really pursue the use of birth control. She was also opposed on the said abortion. You see, her mother went through 18 pregnancies and only 11 of them live births. Imagine!

For me, using birth control doesn’t mean taking into abortion. This mean, you enjoy  your sexual life without worrying for the consequences because no life will begun. Aside from that, it helps also to women because they can plan the better time when to get pregnant. They can give more time to their family, enjoy every time with it.

We know reproductive health has advantages and disadvantages. I do respect too if people against with it, that’s their perception. But we need to educate that this bill will help protect our women, also it helps our society as well as the entire nation. We need to educate the people who live in the far areas. Like those who live in the mountains. We cannot simply, imply to them to use this kind of contraceptives.

But looking at the scenario, if we people won’t plan our family well. we will be one of the world’s populated country. As early as possible, we need to have discipline and have a good family planning.


My thoughts.

I was reading online news today. Same stories as the previous days. Everyday, I’m hoping i can get new stories on what’s happening in our surroundings. But as the lyrics of the song goes “Same Old Brand New You”.

I’m not in panic, though, as a citizen of this country, I think I am entitled to know the truth “nothing but the truth”, not just “I Am Sorry” right?

The other day, I went back to YouTube just to find that line above. I listened on how the former President asked forgiveness of what she has done. But sad to say, it’s already done.

Corruption, fraudulent are very rampant here in the Philippines (I know in other countries too). I don’t know who will be the best leader that can be able to stop this.

They said, Kamay na Bakal (Iron hand) is badly needed now. But who has the urge or will to do that?

Philippines is a democratic country. A government for the people. But what the heck why we can’t questions when it comes to their wealth resources? (Except for the good people)

Look at for example the US. Their people can inquire about your lifestyle (except for those private people) especially when you are in power.

I happened to read it from LA Times a year ago, I think. Some LA officials even investigate their Mayor regarding the so called free-gifts. He watched the NBA Finals, the Baseball, soccer and so on. He even attained to academy awards. He did welcome their inquiry.

Here in the Philippines, if you will do such lifestyle check they will surely accuse you of being a political vendetta. It’s just as “what you see is what you get Juan dela Cruz, you don’t have to interfere my business as I am in the power”.

Shows in the Philippine television makes me fell bored (not all ha..). The story of the teleserye (soap opera as what it was called before) was all the same. They don’t give a good twist in every story. Once they reveal the character/s of the said show, and the plot you can figured it out  immediately what will happened.  Besides from that, every teleserye ends with happily ever after.  Reality TV shows here are way to OA for me.. (no offense to whose who loved it..)

For a year or two, my sister and I were watching US shows some British Show and Austalian show that you can hardly see in Philippine television. Well, if you have a cable network, you can watch some shows that are  updated, some of them are NBA (which I’m one their fan because of Los Angeles Lakers), MLB (Major League Baseball thru ESPN Channel),  American Idol (from January to May) etc. NBA games will be shown here regularly like 8:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon depending on the game.

Because of new technology,  you can find the US shows in the internet, all you have to do is download it. My sister and I loved to watch Kardashian Show (although you can find it here in Philippine channel but it’s way too late), Khloe and Lamar, The Good Wife (we are excited on the third season for Alicia and Will:)) Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, The Voice, Platinum Hits and so on. My Uncle download this shows and gave it to us. We always watch it in my PC. Through this, we can watch it in our convenient time. And one thing we like about this, no commercial break. hahaha.

You can also find  a good shows here in the Philippines. Like us, we used to watched Will Time Big Time from 6PM to 9PM (Monday to Saturday) in Channel 5. It’s funny and it will help to lessen the stress (as for the comment of the viewers it makes as their daily therapy). Well, yeah it’s true. We kind of like it. We enjoyed the host (Willie Revillame) so attached to old people (Lolas and Lolos), kids, special people and poor ones. That’s why the sponsor keeps on coming just to help the needy ones.

If you are fan of  any sports here in the Philippines, Studio 23 always do the live coverage like PBA, NCAA, Volleyball and some other sports activities. For those who love news, you can tune in to ANC Channel. But if you want a good documentation work, the best station for me is GMA Network (this is just my opinion). I like how they dig in into the issues. You can have good documentary at their shows like i-witness, Reporter’s Notebook, Biyahing Totoo and among others. ABS-CBN too provide a good and wide scoop of their news.  They have a good quality of tv reception because of their state of the art facilities. Sad to say I seldom watch their shows (sorry… i can’t give a good tv shows to watch).

That’s where to get my daily dose of shows here in the Philippines. Luckily, we have skycable so we can watch other shows like Fox News, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Fashion TV, of course the HBO, Star Movies, and among others.

So, what shows you like to watch?

Daghan ko ug wa nasabtan dinhi sa akong palibot. Lisud sabton oi. Usahay dili nalang jud huna hunaon kay basi mabuang ta. Ngek! Ani jud ka grabe.. Anyway, wa man ta labot manga unsa na sila. Ang importante nga kontento ka sa imohang pag pangimuyo sa kalibutan. Kitang tanan naay maayo ug mangil-ad nga batasan. (Depende ra sa pagdala sa atoang isigkatawo) Usahay man gud mapagawas nimo ang dili dapat mapagawas, peru normal ra man na kay tawo rata (sureness!).

Peru naa jud mga panghitabo sa atoang palibot na dili pwede deadmahon (unsa kaha ng mga panghitabua..) Peru sigi lang mahuman rana. Matud pa sa linya sa kanta nga “Rainbow” sa Southboarder nga banda “There’s a rainbow always after the rain”. Peru usahay naa rainbow usahay wa jud makita. Motaas o molalum nalang imo liug wa jud rainbow oi. Pana panahon ra man na. Sumâ pa nila matud kuno sa “Gulong ng Palad” peru kita may mohimo sa akong kapalaran. Kumbaga ganyan ang buhay, “patuloy-tuloy sa pag-ikot ngayon ika’y nasa ilalim bukas naman nasa ibabaw kana”. Ka anindot kung in-ana unta ang mahitabo, peru sa klase sa lipunan nga atuang gipuy-an ang kabus misamot ug ka kabus, ang adunahan aw misamot sad.

Peru dili ra nganha nagtuyok ang tanan, naa pud uban nga ngil-ad ang iya kinaiyahan. Kung sa ingles pa “the high and mighty one”. Halos tanan mo tunganga o mo idolo kaniya, apan sa likod niana lahi diay (In short plastic ba). Usa sa mga ehemplo ana kay ang mga politiko sa atong palibot. kung angat na gani ang pagpiniliay abi nimo kung si kinsang maayoha. (halin kaayo ang dentista aning panahuna..) Ang mga pahiyum ug mga pag-abi abi kay matahum kaayo. Kitang pobre nga si Juan dela Cruz nadala dayun. Apan kung atua gyud pakabanaon ug maayo, dili lamang mga politiko or naa sa katungdanan ang ingon ana. Daghan pud, peru wala lang nato matagai ug pagtutok. Daghan sab ang nagpakarun-ingno sa atua isig kausa. Nagpaka hero kumbaga, apan sayup sila kay wa nila gitagaan ug bili ang ilaha palibot. Dili sa tanang panahon anaa kahimo ang tanan. Susama sa giingon sa Bibliya nga ang himaya sa Diyos maadtu sa Gingharian.

Kitang mga katawhan angay jud mag matngon. Kay wala kita kabalo kung hangtud kita kanus-a nganhi sa yuta.  Mao nga atua gayud paga ampingan ug mag kinabuhi kita ug tarung kay kita mga Kristohanon nga anak sa Diyos. Dili kita mag-alagad anang mga diyos-diyos.

Murag na touch ko sa ako gi pangyawyaw nganhi. Sa mosunod na kabanata.

Vampire Wars

It’s been awhile since I last updated this blog of mine. Well quiet lazy, doesn’t have anything to write. that’s typical of me, hahaha. But I surely do have time on my facebook. Accepting friends request, gifts, finding friend/s or relatives,playing, yoville, poker sometimes farm town. But there’s one game that i liked to play a lot, it’s called Vampire Wars. It is a war among other vampires. You need to have a 501 Clan in order to be strong. There are three (3) types of Vampire, the Noble, Primeval and Modern. Each types indicates which stats they represents, like me, I’m a modern Vampire so it gives faster energy restoration. Noble Vampire it gives faster blood flow while Primeval Vampire it gives faster health restoration.

Above is the current look of my Vampire avatar. You can edit it in avatar section. In this past months (I’m just 1 year in this game) the Vampire always came out with it’s new selection of clothing sets. You can find it in avatar shop. Of course it’s NOT FOR FREE, you have to purchase it through favor points. You can also purchase not the whole set, because sometime you just liked the other part of the set. And one thing, each set will give you a boast. For example, you bought the dress, it gives you +10 energy or you buy the boots, it gives you +5 rage. There are times also that you can earn the clothing set through mission once the portal will open. The Vampire will notify you that you need to collect as much as possible the items that you need to use for the incoming mission. You can also collect those items through mission in the regular missions.

Below is my current stats in Vampire Wars:

Energy 750 Do more Missions
Rage 100 Have more Fights (2 points ea.)
Attack 450 Be more effective in combat
Defense 450 Survive longer in combat
Health 120 Survive longer in combat

My current fight stats:

Skill Ranking 4,611
Fights Won 20,450
Fights Lost 3,364
Deaths 136
Kills 465

As I’ve read from the help links in Vampire Wars, you will need to pay attention to some details in ranking your skills. Well, you will understands this game when you’re going to play this in Vampire which is located in facebook.

Til’ my next post.


This is Sputnik one of our cutest cat here at the house. She is playful and loves to eat. She sleeps with us in our bedroom but she doesn’t like to be cuddled. The problem with her she always bite my toes every morning. That’s her way of telling me that she wants to go out and wants me to open the door for her. If I wouldn’t open the door, she’d bite me again and again until I open the door. (what a mean mean mean cat!)


Well, as everybody know the new administration is about to take over. But what to expect this coming administration? That’s about to look forward.

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